Cervical Cancer And Orgasm

The effect of these changes on sexual function and the extent, if any, to which they distress women are not known. METHODS: In and , we attempted to contact women with a history of early-stage cervical cancer age range, 26 to 80 years who had been treated in and at the seven departments of gynecological oncology in Sweden and women without a history of cancer controls to ask them to answer an anonymous questionnaire about vaginal changes and sexual function. A total of of women with a history of cancer 68 percent and of controls 72 percent reported that they had regular vaginal intercourse. Twenty-six percent of the women who had cancer and 11 percent of the controls reported insufficient vaginal lubrication for sexual intercourse, 26 percent of the women who had cancer and 3 percent of the controls reported a short vagina, and 23 percent of the women who had cancer and 4 percent of the controls reported an insufficiently elastic vagina.

Women Aren’t Being Warned About the Sexual Side Effects of The LEEP Procedure

Some Women Get Sexual Side Effects from the LEEP Procedure - VICE

Across the world, the LEEP is the standard treatment to surgically remove the offending cervical cells in the hope of preventing cancer. She left several messages with her doctor but never heard back. The LEEP is the gold standard treatment for women whose Pap smears come back showing a high level of cervical dysplasia, which means there are lesions on the cervix that may develop into cancer. There are three levels of dysplasia, and the first two will likely merit a wait-and-see approach. It takes a few minutes and is usually performed under local anesthesia. The majority of women recover fully from the LEEP, safe in the knowledge that they have eradicated the cells that could potentially lead to cervical cancer within 10 years.

Vaginal changes and sexuality in women with a history of cervical cancer.

Drew liked to touch the spot where her legs met her butt—and she loved to let him. She was so hypersexual that sometimes just tilting her hips into him, even fully clothed, could trigger that intense pulse-pulse-pulse deep inside her. That wild flurry of contractions that felt like every cell in her body was lighting up and regenerating. It felt, she thought, like magic.
Forty-one women recently diagnosed with early-stage cervical or endometrial cancer and a matched group of healthy women in no gynecologic distress, participated in a detailed assessment of their sexual functioning. Data included the range and frequency of sexual behavior, level of sexual responsiveness, and the presence of sexual dysfunction. With the appearance of disease signs, however, the gynecologic cancer patients reported experiencing significant sexual dysfunction symptoms.
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