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Born in , Mitro nurtured his artistic talent at an early age. Its entry to the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest mark the beginning of a great career. He will be trained in graphic arts, painting, sculpture and restoration will come out of his class. Will follow several participations in group exhibitions in Romania that will confirm his incredible talent. From he also worked on the restoration and decoration of various museums, churches and theaters in different major cities of Romania. The year marks a turning point for the artist.

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Comptoir des Mines Galerie is a contemporary art center, halfway between a museum and an art gallery, based in Marrakech. It aspire to work alongside the best artists on the continent, helping them carry out their projects and giving them the greatest possible visibility. Thanks to the experience of its founder recognized by various Moroccan and foreign institutions, the Comptoir des Mines Gallery wishes today to get more involved in the dynamics of emerging scenes of the continent in resonance with different African actors. Since , appartements of Art deco architecture host several exhibitions and artistic projects as well as workshops dedicated to artistic creation.

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What is Artmajeur? Artmajeur is a marketplace that links artists directly with buyers. Artmajeur is aimed at all artists amateurs and professionals , art galleries and art lovers. The buyer interested in a work contacts the artist, then sends the payment directly to him. The artist receives the payment and sends the work.
CAEN - France. Cataneya, 60 x 60 cm Sephirah, x 84 x 0.
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